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Feb. 23rd, 2014

The end of the DeStash

So this year, I have decided to stop with the De-Stash count. At the end of the day, the idea that I have to just knit down and try to end up with less yarn than I started the week/month/year with is actually very stressful. I like my yarn, some of it is like a fine wine, I will hold onto it until the PERFECT moment has arrived. The exactly right pattern is in my hands, the needles are free, and it is time to break out the yarn and display it's glory.

Among other things, this year, I am planning to finish my Snow White Vines for my wedding shawl and I've completed 2 sets of arm warmers for somebody else as well. I also promised DH (in this case, my Dear Heart - we're not married yet) a new set of arm warmers since he destroyed his last ones with use.
And honestly, that's the best compliment there is.

I have also started cooking more, now that I have my own kitchen and I'm exploring Kimchi. Eventually, I'll try preserving other things but I love spicy and I love Bok Choy - so why not?

Jan. 9th, 2014

The Big Return

HELLO 2014!!!

I know, I know, it's been forever since I blogged. There are reasons and there are excuses but at the end of it all; life took a hard left turn and I've been keeping my head down and my elbows in to avoid the worst of the bumps.

I haven't been knitting much at all since June, to be honest.
I finished my cowl and then head to pack all my yarn away to move 3 times (ugh) and it isn't all unpacked yet even now, BUT I have the important bits easily accessible at least.
Lately, I just haven't had the energy/time/attention to focus on projects, but it is time to focus. Time to commit. I've decided to complete my Snow White Vines stole and use that as my wedding shawl this year. I also have 2 parties of atm warmers commissioned and I'm waiting on the yarn to arrive to start those.

I also purchased a large stock of Knit Picks Imagination in various colors when I heard about the line being discontinued; not sure what I will use it all for, but I'm very glad I got it.

Time to be off to work again, but I'm sure I'll post more soon.

Jul. 27th, 2013

[Destash 2013] June Final count

This is super late and I don't have a post right now but I'll be working on one for the July final numbers.

Total stash yardage as of 05/31/2013 : 44,491 yds

June - 0 yds added to stash

June - 0 yds knit from stash

Total stash yardage as of 06/30/2013 : 44,491 yds

May. 30th, 2013

[Destash 2013] May final numbers

Total stash yardage as of 04/30/2013 : 44,791 yds

May - 0 yds added to stash

May - 300 yds knit from stash
Rose Garden Silk Fountain Hood
OUT 300 yds

Total stash yardage as of 05/31/2013 : 44,491 yds

I hate saying it, but I haven't had nearly as much knitting time as I'd like. Between final prep for S/O's contest and travel, my new Kindle drawing my attention into all the books I've been dying to read for the last 2 years, extra work, and trying to clean and pack to move (hopefully) before the end of June... not as much knitting time in the day at present.

I am super happy with the Rose Garden Silk Fountain Hood, I finished it on Monday - Memorial Day - while trying to get a flight home from Chicago (we won't talk about that, it was drama and unhappy). I was disappointed because I had extra yarn and was too tired and stressed to even try to find another pattern to knit with so here's hoping I can find a use for the last 200 yds of Yarntopia Treasures Wool Silk Fingering in the bag. Maybe I'll knit a set of hand warmers to match the cowl, if not then I'm not sure what to use it for...

I haven't gotten hardly any work done on the Seattle Adamas and after 5 months I'm starting to feel like an ass about that but at the same time, I didn't tell the intended recipient what or when I would knit her anything but still... I haven't seen that coworker since she left the office before the holidays in December. I should get that finished.
We'll not discuss the lack of progress on Snow White Vines...

Additionally, I owe a lace shawl to one of my IMsL class sisters for hosting us when we were in Chicago last week and a scarf & hat set for the wife of a friend of S/O's who helped me out with a travel issue at the very last moment. I've picked out the yarn for the shawl but I need to figure out color and fiber preferences for the hat&scarf set still...

Ah, so much to consider and do!

May. 6th, 2013

[Destash 2013] April final numbers

Total stash yardage as of 03/31/2013 : 44,791 yds

April - 0 yds added to stash

April - 0 yds knit from stash

Total stash yardage as of 04/30/2013 : 44,791 yds

What with being in San Francisco for a week and next to no knitting time before 4/24, I didn't actually finish any projects. I did however start a new project in May, which brings me to a total of 3 WIPs at present: Snow White Vines, this poor stole has been languising for far too and I really need to pick it up and work on it this summer - it's been ignored for far too long; Seattle Adamas, I've been working on this shawl a bit here and there but really should sit down and finish this and get it out to the intended recipient; and finally I've cast on Rose Garden Silk Fountain Hood - my first project out of the Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Small Indulgences book.

The Rose Garden Silk Fountain Hood is actually very special because it's not just my first project out of the book but I'm using the deep stashed Yarntopia Treasures Silk/Wool fingering in Eternal Rose. Which I purchased thinking it was sport weight, so that was a nice little surprise for me! I'm excited to be knitting something at all honestly, the last month was so crazy and I desperately missed handling my fiber. I didn't really remember how bad knitting withdrawals are until I started knitting again. Meanwhile, S/O has an event in Chicago at the end of May so I've had a lot more quiet knitting time since he started prep for that.

On the downside, we are yet again looking for a new housing arrangement and I hate this game. I need to get enough time (probably evenings this week) to clean everything and pack the clothes we don't need as well as other items that aren't priority to keep around and we're going to take that all up to S/O's storage unit on a weekend so we have only the base essentials to move with this time. I think we'll see what we find before deciding if we'll put my bed in storage and bring his out or whatnot.
Cripes I hate moving.

Mar. 31st, 2013

[Destash 2013] March final numbers

Total stash yardage as of 02/28/2013 : 45,574 yds

March - 440 yds added to stash
4 skeins Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted (2 Cobblestone & 2 Pink Posies Heather)

March - 1,223 yds knit from stash
Momma's Multnomah (shawl)
OUT 832 yds
Cobblestones and Posies Arm Snuggs
OUT 110 yds
Cobblestones and Posies Hat
OUT 110 yds
Pink Posies Cobblestone Hand warmers
OUT 83 yds
Pink Posies Cobblestone Hat
OUT 88 yds

Total stash bust for March : 783 yds
Total stash yardage as of 03/31/2013 : 44,791 yds

So Momma's Multnomah definitely took longer than was anticipated but I'm so freaking happy with the way it turned out and I get to take it to my Mom tonight as it's Easter and we're doing family dinner at my parents' house tonight. I'll also see my sister and her newborn son Liam tonight for the first time. I have an inkling there will be obligatory baby-holding involved and I'm not sure I'm thrilled with that idea. I'm just not into babies.

The Cobblestones & Posies Arm Snuggs & Hat are a set that was ordered by a coworker and I had enough yarn left over to make the Pink Posies Cobblestone Hand warmers & Hat as a set for her daughter who just turned 3 yesterday. I'll be dropping all those off in one fell swoop tomorrow and I'm trying to find a cute bow for the DD's present since it's a slightly belated birthday gift. Her mother says it will be hugely popular since it will be Mommy & Me themed so she'll feel like "one of the Big Girls" which is apparently her thing right now.
I'm actually quite tickled by how happy my coworker is about the idea of the extras.

I've pulled out the Seattle Adams and put that in my bag for tomorrow as the "next big thing" and I'll try to hammer that out in the next few weeks. I have some travel scheduled for mid/late April and depending on the results of that trip, I may have a whole heck of a lot more travel ahead of me this year. And we all know what travel in general (and air travel especially) means : extra knitting time!!! I also have a new-to-me Kindle that my parents got me for my birthday this month and a couple books I was able to purchase with a gift card I got from my insurance for completing a review for them this year. So there's always that too.

My brain is going to be so happy for the added stimuli of written word AND physical activity and coordination. I'm freaking thrilled.

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